We take firm steps toward our target to be one of the leading raw material suppliers in the world.

We buy sulfur, fertilized and chemical raw materials from 20 locations in 10 countries and sell it from 100 locations to over 40 countries.

Our customers focus on manufacturing and planıng their manufacturing activities. We provide them with shipping solutions regarding their demands. Also we provide door-to door delivery upon request.


We solve logistic problems and any other issues before they arise. We understand our customers’ needs very well and supply them with products according to their requirements and conditions.

We sort out potential risks and improve our logistic operations.

We do our best to maintain the quality of our operational activities as well as the quality of the product.

Baymineral is a customer orientated company so to gain our customers trust and loyalty we deal with suppliers manufacturing high quality products.

Our basic principle is to keep on being reliable and respectful for all the parties who we are making business with. At the same time we follow the rules applicable in the above mentioned countries, create value-added there, make contribution to their development and create working opportunities.


To be the most preferred, pioneering and innovative global trade organisation in the fields we operate.



To create permanent and high value for our customers, employees and all our stakeholders with our experience, reliability, service quality and organiational efficiency.


Our Values

• We are reliable and transparent.
• Continuous improvement and change is our indispensable.
• We add value with our innovations and different perspectives.
• We exist with our customers.
• We always aim to be “the best.
• We have a strong financial structure.
• We have a strong financial structure.
• We fulfill all our commitments.
• Our most important capital is our expert human resources.